4.9.2. Representation of data in the trace

If the address requested by the instruction does not match the address accessed in memory, the address requested by the instruction is traced. This means the processor view is traced.

When considering data tracing:

When these two views do not match, the version traced depends on the ETM architecture version:

This only applies to the order of data in a word or halfword. When VFP double-precision transfers are traced in BE-8 or BE-32, the order of the words is given according to the memory view. The trace decompressor must therefore be aware of the current endianness configuration to reconstruct the data transferred to or from each register for these instructions.

The values traced are the values before sign extension. Therefore an LDRSB of the value 0xAB causes the value 0xAB to be traced, not 0xFFFFFFAB.

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