3.8.1. The PTM event resources

A PTM event is identified by:

The 7-bit value obtained by concatenating a resource type and an associated index value is the resource number.

Table 3.5 shows the defined PTM resources. All combinations of resource type and index values not shown in the table are reserved.

Table 3.5. Event resource definitions

Resource typeIndex values [a]Resource descriptionNumber of resources of this type
b0000-15Single address comparators 1-16Depends on number of SACs, 0-16
b0010-7Address range comparators 1-8Half the number of SACs, so 0-8
8-11Instrumentation resources 1-4Depends on number of Instrumentation resources, 0-4
b0100-7EmbeddedICE watchpoint comparator inputs 1-8Depends on number of EmbeddedICE watchpoint comparator inputs, 0-8
b1000-3Counter 1-4 at zeroDepends on number of counters, 0-4
b1010-2Sequencer in state 1-3Three if sequencer implemented, otherwise none
8-10Context ID comparators 1-3Depends on number of Context ID comparators, 0-3
11VMID Comparator[b]0 or 1
15TraceEnable start/stop resource0 or 1
b1100-3External inputs 1-4Depends on number of external inputs, 0-4
8-11Extended external input selectors 1-4Depends on number of extended external input selectors, 0-4
13Processor in Non-secure stateOne, only if the processor implements the Security Extensions [c]
14Trace prohibitedOne, always present
15Always TRUEOne, always present

[a] Index ranges show the maximum range. The actual range depends on the number of resources of that type implemented by the PTM.

[b] From PFTv1.1, and only for implementations that support the Virtualization Extension.

[c] This resource is not implemented if the processor does not implement the Security Extensions.


The PTM uses the same event type and index value encodings as ETMv3.4. However, it does not support all of the event resources that are defined in the ETM specification.

How each event resource is asserted depends on the PTM feature that generates the resource. For example:

Some event resources are outputs from functional blocks of the PTM, such as the address comparators. Others act only as event resources. Table 3.6 shows where you can find more information about each of the event resources.

Table 3.6. Additional information about the PTM event resources

Event resourceFor more information, see
Single address comparatorsSingle address comparators (SACs)
Address range comparatorsAddress range comparators (ARCs)
Instrumentation resourcesInstrumentation resources
EmbeddedICE comparator inputsEmbeddedICE watchpoint comparator inputs
Counter at zeroPTM counters
Sequencer in state 1-3The PTM sequencer
Context ID comparatorsContext ID comparators
VMID ComparatorVirtual Machine ID comparator
TraceEnable start/stop resourceThe TraceEnable start/stop block
External inputsExternal inputs
Extended external inputsExtended external inputs
Processor in Non-secure stateNon-secure state resource
Trace prohibitedTrace prohibited resource
Always TRUEHard-wired TRUE resource

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