3.16.55. Peripheral ID1 Register, ETMPIDR1

The ETMPIDR1 characteristics are:


Holds peripheral identification information.

Usage constraints
  • Only bits [7:0] of this register are valid and they must be used with bits [7:0] of the other Peripheral ID registers to obtain the CoreSight Peripheral ID for the PTM.

  • From PFTv1.1, accesses to this register from the coprocessor interface are unpredictable.


Available in all PTM implementations.


See the register summary in Table 3.16.

Figure 3.60 shows the ETMPIDR1 bit assignments.

Figure 3.60. ETMPIDR1 bit assignments

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Table 3.71 shows the ETMPIDR1 bit assignments.

Table 3.71. ETMPIDR1 bit assignments

BitsDescription [a]
[7:4]JEP106 Identity Code[3:0]
[3:0]Part Number[11:8]

[a] See Table 3.69 for more information about the register fields.

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