3.16.51. Device Configuration Register, ETMDEVID

The ETMDEVID characteristics are:


Returns an implementation defined CoreSight component capabilities field.

Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.


Available in all PTM implementations.

The width of the data field in the register is implementation defined.


See the register summary in Table 3.16.

Figure 3.55 shows the ETMDEVID bit assignments.

Figure 3.55. ETMDEVID bit assignments

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Table 3.66 shows the ETMDEVID bit assignments.

Table 3.66. ETMDEVID bit assignments



[31:n] Reserved. Read-as-zero.

Component capabilities.

Bit assignments in this field are implementation defined.

[a] The value of n is implementation defined.

The CoreSight Architecture Specification requires every CoreSight component to implement the Device Configuration Register. The data field in this register indicates the capabilities of the component. The width of the data field, and the meaning of the bits in the data field, are implementation defined. All unused bits must Read-As-Zero.

If a component is configurable, ARM recommends that this register is used to indicate any changes to the standard configuration.

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