3.15.1. Register short names

All of the PTM registers have short names. Most of these are mnemonics for the full name of the register, except that the short name starts with the letters ETM, indicating that the register is defined by an ARM trace architecture. The ETM architecture is the original ARM trace architecture, and because register assignments are consistent across the trace architectures the register short names always take the ETM prefix. Table 3.13 gives some examples of the register short names.

Table 3.13. Examples of register short names

PTM register nameRegister short nameExplanation of short name
Main Control RegisterETMCRTrace Control Register
Trigger Event RegisterETMTRIGGERTrace Trigger (Register)
Address Comparator Value Register 3ETMACVR3Trace Address Comparator Value Register 3

The use of the ETM prefix for the register short names means that the short names are distinct from the short names used for other registers, such as the processor control coprocessor registers and the debug registers.

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