Further reading

This section lists publications by ARM.

See http://infocenter.arm.com/ for access to ARM documentation.

ARM publications

This specification defines the Program Flow Trace architecture. See the following documents for other relevant information:

  • ARM Architecture Reference Manual, ARMv7-A and ARMv7-R edition (ARM DDI 0406)

  • Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification (ARM IHI 0014)

  • CoreSight Architecture Specification (ARM IHI 0029)

  • AMBA AHB Trace Macrocell (HTM) Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0328)

  • ARM Debug Interface v5 Architecture Specification (ARM IHI 0031)

  • RealView® ICE and RealView Trace User Guide (ARM DUI 0155).

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