1.1.2. The debug environment

A software debugger provides the user interface to the PTM. The debugger can configure all the PTM facilities, typically using a JTAG or Serial Wire interface. The debugger also displays the captured trace information.

The PTM compresses the trace information and exports it to a CoreSight trace capture subsystem. The CoreSight trace capture subsystem either:

When the trace has been captured the debugger extracts the information from the TPA or ETB and decompresses it to provide a full disassembly, with symbols, of the code that was executed. The debugger can also link this back to the original high-level source code, showing you how the code executed on the target system.

Figure 1.1. Example debugging environment

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A system that includes an ETB in the CoreSight capture system might not include a trace port and separate TPA. Such a system must download the captured trace data through the Debug Access Port (DAP).

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