B.2.1. PFT state information

The debugger must maintain three states that relate to the execution of the program it is tracing. Two of these states consist of multiple information. The PFT states, and the information they hold, are:


This is the state corresponding to the most recent explicit state information output in the trace stream. The state information consists of:

  • the instruction set state of the processor

  • the security state of the processor, if it implements the Security Extensions

  • the Context ID

  • the VMID, if the processor implements Virtualization Extensions

  • an instruction address.

In the information for LastState and CurrentState, the Context ID and the VMID can have a value of undefined. They have this value after a reset, and when the debugger first starts to decode the trace stream.


This is the state corresponding to the next instruction to be executed. It holds the same items of information as LastState.

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