3.17.4. Guidelines for the PTM trace registers to be saved and restored

Table 3.14 defined the split of PTM registers into trace and management registers.

The registers that are included in the save and restore mechanism is implementation defined. However, the mechanism must include all registers whose contents are lost in a power-down. Table 3.82 gives a list of the PTM registers typically included in the save and restore mechanism.

Table 3.82. Typical list of PTM registers to be saved and restored

Register numberRegister offsetRegister name
0x0000x000Main Control Register, ETMCR
0x0020x008Trigger Event Register, ETMTRIGGER
0x0040x010Status Register, ETMSR
0x0060x018TraceEnable Start/Stop Control Register, ETMTSSCR
0x0080x020TraceEnable Event Register, ETMTEEVR
0x0090x024TraceEnable Control Register, ETMTECR1
0x00B0x02CFIFOFULL Level Register, ETMFFLR
0x010-0x01F0x040-0x07CAddress Comparator Value Registers, ETMACVRn
0x020-0x02F0x080-0x0BCAddress Comparator Access Type Registers, ETMACTRn
0x050-0x0530x140-0x14CCounter Reload Value Registers, ETMCNTRLDVRn
0x054-0x0570x150-0x15CCounter Enable Event Registers, ETMCNTENRn
0x058-0x05B0x160-0x16CCounter Reload Event Registers, ETMCNTRLDEVRn
0x05C-0x05F0x170-0x17CCounter Value Registers, ETMCNTVRn
0x060-0x0650x180-0x194Sequencer State Transition Event Registers, ETMSQabEVR
0x0670x19CCurrent Sequencer State Register, ETMSQR
0x068-0x06B0x1A0-0x1ACExternal Output Event Registers, ETMEXTOUTEVRn
0x06C-0x06E0x1B0-0x1B8Context ID Comparator Value Registers, ETMCIDCVRn
0x06F0x1BCContext ID Comparator Mask Register, ETMCIDCMR
0x0780x1E0Synchronization Frequency Register, ETMSYNCFR
0x07B0x1ECExtended External Input Selection Register, ETMEXTINSELR
0x07E0x1F8Timestamp Event Register, ETMTSEVR
0x07F0x1FCAuxiliary Control Register, ETMAUXCR[a]
0x0800x200CoreSight Trace ID Register, ETMTRACEIDR
0x0900x240VMID Comparator Value Register, ETMVMIDCVR[a]
0x3E80xFA0Claim Tag Set Register, ETMCLAIMSET[a]
0x3E90xFA4Claim Tag Clear Register, ETMCLAIMCLR[a]

[a] From PFTv1.1.

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