Using this specification

This specification is organized into the following chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Read this chapter for an introduction to:

  • the Program Flow Trace architecture

  • a Program Trace Macrocell (PTM) implementation of the architecture.

Chapter 2 Program Flow Tracing

Read this chapter for information about how the PFT architecture traces software execution.

Chapter 3 Program Trace Macrocell Programmers Model

Read this chapter for information about the programmers model for the Program Flow Trace architecture, including descriptions of the PTM registers.

Chapter 4 Program Flow Trace Protocol 

Read this chapter for a description of the PFT protocol and the information output by the PTM.

Chapter 5 Tracing Exceptions

Read this chapter for a description of how a PTM traces exceptions.

Appendix A PTM Quick Reference Information

Read this appendix for quick reference information about a PTM implementation, including a summary of the parts of a PTM specification that are implementation defined.

Appendix B Trace Decompressor Operation

Read this appendix for summary of how a PTM trace decompressor must operate.

Appendix C Software Issues for PFT

Read this appendix for information about software issues with Program Flow Tracing. It gives information about tracing dynamically-loaded code, and about software and hardware support for Context IDs.

Appendix D Architecture Version Information

Read this appendix for a summary of information about the different architecture versions.


Read the glossary for definitions of some of the terms used in this specification.

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