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ARM documentation set for the ARM Cortex-R family of processors, including the ARM Cortex-R5(F), ARM Cortex-R4(F) processors, and ARM Cortex-R7 MPCore processor.

The ARM Cortex-R Series is a family of embedded processors for real-time systems. The Cortex-R family processors support the ARM and Thumb instruction sets.

  • The ARM Cortex-R5 processor is a high-performance real-time processor for use in embedded systems.
  • The ARM Cortex-R5F processor is a Cortex-R5 processor with a floating point unit (FPU).
  • The ARM Cortex-R4 processor is a mid-range real-time processor for use in deeply embedded systems.
  • The ARM Cortex-R4F processor is a Cortex-R4 processor with a floating point unit (FPU).
  • The ARM Cortex-R7 MPCore processor is a high performance real-time multiprocessor for use in a vast range of deeply embedded applications.


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