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ARM documentation set for the ARM Cortex-R5 processors, including ARM Cortex-R5(F) processors.

The ARM Cortex-R Series is a family of embedded processors for real-time systems. These processors support the ARM, and Thumb instruction sets.

The Cortex-R5 processor provides a high performance solution for real-time applications in markets including mobile baseband, automotive, mass storage, industrial and medical. The processor is based on the ARMv7-R architecture. It provides a simple migration path from the Cortex-R4 processor.

The Cortex-R5 processor extends the feature set of the Cortex-R4 processor to enable higher levels of system performance, increased efficiency and reliability, and enhanced error management in dependable real-time systems.

  • The ARM Cortex-R5 processor is a high-performancereal-time processor for use in embedded systems.
  • The ARM Cortex-R5F processor is a Cortex-R5 processor with a floating point unit (FPU).


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